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Join the fight! Trash Your Ticket has started a fund raiser on GoFundMe to purchase advertising in the last few remaining camera cities like Amarillo, Leon Valley, Balcones Heights and Humble. We want to make sure EVERYONE knows they can legally trash their camera tickets. We already have some electronic billboards starting and want to expand. Anything you donate will go towards getting the word out and any amount helps! Please check out the fund raiser, contribute and share!



As of today all red light cameras are off and discontinued in Texas except for;

Humble, Leon Valley, Balcones Heights and Amarillo. These cities have unique contracts or deliberately altered their contract to get around the red light camera ban. The good news is that the statewide camera ban law that is in effect now also means no more registration holds for unpaid red light camera tickets. Some cities won't even collect on outstanding tickets. Since they could never arrest you for not paying the camera couldn't put it on your credit license or insurance there is really no teeth left in the program. You can even now renew your registration online or at grocery stores. Thank you everyone for your support. Please get the word out in these cities that you don't have to pay. The more we starve them out the sooner they will all go away. 

Special note on school bus camera tickets. These have never been enforceable so the law didn't need to address them. Since the bus ticket cameras are totally illegal they can't enforce them at all. Don't pay them either. 

Save $100 and fight back against highway robbery! Watch and find out how you can do it!

Check out our latest work in Austin helping KXAN expose illegal red light cameras!

Learn the facts!

Texas law protects you for not paying a civil camera ticket!

Texas Transportation Code 707 is the law that governs what camera cities can and cannot do. The law protects drivers and protects them if the don't pay their camera ticket. 

Failure to pay a camera ticket; 

  • Cannot go on your credit
  • Cannot lead to an arrest 
  • Cannot go on your driving record
  • Cannot go on your insurance

Camera Tickets violate your rights!

Photo enforcement tickets such as, Red Light Cameras, Speed ticket cameras and school bus cameras  violate your due process rights. Don't reward the criminals by paying their extortion!

Several states ban photo enforcement citing violations of your constitutional rights. Many more court cases including one here in Texas have ruled the program is unconstitutional!

Class action lawsuits that will likely shut down photo enforcement are working through the court system now!

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JUst the facts


Here is all of the proof you need to feel confident you want trash your ticket!.

Check out this video that tells you everything you need to know about renewing your registration with outstanding camera tickets. 

  • Texas law says failure to pay a Red Light Camera ticket cannot result in an arrest warrant, cannot go on your license, insurance or credit. (Texas Transportation Code 707) 
  • A camera ticket is a "civil" penalty not a "criminal" penalty. This means the consequences are essentially less than a parking ticket. 
  • Millions of dollars are uncollected in Texas because the tickets are unenforceable. 
  • Several cities have shut down their camera programs after unpaid tickets proved too costly. 

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Trash your ticket bumper stickers are NOW AVAILABLE For $5 we will ship you a bumper sticker to let others know they can trash their ticket!

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Fight back against the SCAMERas! Every person that doesn't pay helps the cameras go away! 

We will use the funds raised from this to spread the word to more cities about trashing their ticket. We will be buying advertisements in local papers, buying signs for volunteers to use to do sign waves at red light camera locations!

If you want to pitch in more feel free to be generous!

Thank you to all who have already ordered and received your Bumper Stickers!

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